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WhatsApp Expands 'View Once' Feature to Cover Voice Messages for Enhanced Privacy

WhatsApp has recently announced the expansion of its "View Once" feature to cover voice messages, following its initial introduction for photos and videos in 2021. This enhancement allows users to set voice messages to automatically disappear after the recipient has listened to them. While the branding choice might seem a bit incongruous for content primarily consumed by listening, this update underscores WhatsApp's commitment to providing users with increased privacy control.

The "View Once" feature has been lauded for offering an added layer of protection to various types of content, ensuring that sensitive information, such as credit card details or surprise plans, can be shared with an additional level of security. This move aligns with WhatsApp's broader strategy to enhance user privacy and control over their shared content.

WhatsApp's "View Once" for voice messages is now globally rolling out for both iOS and Android platforms, with the company stating that users can expect to see the feature on their devices "over the coming days." To utilize the feature, users can reportedly activate the "View Once" setting for a voice note by tapping the "1" icon located next to the message's waveform during the recording process.

This expansion of the "View Once" feature reflects WhatsApp's ongoing efforts to keep pace with user expectations and preferences, providing a more dynamic and privacy-centric messaging experience. As individuals become increasingly conscious of their digital footprint, features that allow for ephemeral content contribute to a more secure and private communication environment.


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