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Vivo X100 Pro with Dimensity 9300 Faces Thermal Throttling in Stress Test

The Vivo X100 Pro, featuring MediaTek's Dimensity 9300 System-on-Chip (SoC), recently underwent a stress test, revealing concerning figures. Despite being equipped with MediaTek's latest flagship processor, the Dimensity 9300, the smartphone exhibited notable thermal throttling during the stress test. The test, conducted by Sahil Karoul and reported on X, demonstrated that the Dimensity 9300 experienced a significant drop in performance, throttling down to just 46% of its maximum capacity after a mere two minutes into the benchmark.

The thermal throttling issue led to a particular core's performance plummeting to 0.6GHz from its maximum clock speed of 3.25GHz. It's worth noting that the Dimensity 9300 lacks efficiency cores, which could contribute to thermal challenges, especially since the high-powered cores, such as the Cortex-X4, draw more power. While this design choice enables impressive raw performance, it also raises concerns about thermals under high loads, as evidenced by the stress test.

However, it's crucial to interpret these stress test results with context. Stress tests are designed to evaluate a CPU's performance under extreme conditions, and they may not accurately reflect real-world usage scenarios. Everyday users are unlikely to subject their devices to such extreme loads during typical usage. Despite the stress test revealing potential thermal challenges in high-performance scenarios, the Vivo X100 Pro's actual performance in typical, day-to-day activities may differ significantly.


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