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Threads by Instagram Expands Keyword Search to All Languages for Global Accessibility

Threads, Instagram's contender in the competitive arena of social media platforms, is gearing up for a global expansion by rolling out its keyword search feature to all markets where the app is accessible. Initially tested in English-speaking regions, including Australia and New Zealand, the keyword search feature's success prompted its expansion to most other English and Spanish-speaking countries, reaching the United States in September. Now, according to Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, the keyword search functionality will be "supported in all languages," making Threads more versatile and appealing to a diverse, worldwide audience.

The move comes amid the platform's notable growth, boasting nearly 100 million monthly users. Recent reports also suggest that Threads is on the brink of launching in the European Union, possibly as early as the upcoming month. This expansion is complemented by the potential introduction of a view-only mode, allowing users to read posts without creating an account—a feature that could enhance the app's accessibility and reach.

The Threads development team has been responsive to user feedback, introducing various features such as a chronological following feed, a web app, like visibility, polls, GIFs, hashtag support, an edit button, profile switching, and more since its initial launch. While Threads has yet to incorporate one of the central features of its competitors, Trending Topics, it is becoming a favored platform for users migrating from other social media networks.

Despite its smaller user base compared to Meta's X, which reported nearly 550 million monthly active users in September, Threads is carving its niche with a different approach. Adam Mosseri has indicated that Threads aims to be a less real-time platform, often featuring days-old posts in its algorithmic feed. Additionally, the platform has been careful about not amplifying news content, setting itself apart from X's emphasis on breaking news.

As Threads continues to enhance its offerings, Mosseri has hinted at more improvements to the search functionality in the pipeline. The platform has also taken steps to ensure responsible content management, blocking terms related to "long covid" in search results and directing users to the CDC's website for accurate information.

With its recent strides and a rapidly growing user base, Threads remains a promising contender in the ever-evolving landscape of social media platforms. Mark Zuckerberg, Meta's CEO, has expressed optimism about Threads, stating that it could potentially become Meta's next billion-user app within a few years.

Threads by Instagram Expands Keyword Search to All Languages for Global Accessibility

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