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Samsung to Introduce 'Battery Protection' Feature in One UI Update

Samsung is preparing to introduce a new "Battery Protection" feature in its forthcoming One UI update, potentially One UI 6.1, set to launch alongside the Galaxy S24 series. This feature is designed to enhance battery health by offering users options to limit charging and implement protective measures. It includes three levels of protection:

"Basic protection" ensures a minimum charge of at least 95%, preventing the device from staying at 100%. Charging pauses at 100%, only resuming when the battery level drops to 95%, repeating until the device is disconnected from the charger.

"Adaptive protection" pauses fast charging at 80%, gradually charging to 100% based on the user's typical phone usage habits. Charging halts at 80% during sleep and resumes to reach 100% just before waking up.

"Maximum protection" limits charging to 80%, completely stopping charging when the battery reaches 80%, only resuming if the battery level drops below 80%.

While the Battery Protection feature is expected to be officially introduced with One UI 6.1, users on One UI 6.0 based on Android 14 can access it through hidden settings using third-party apps capable of launching app "activities." It is currently in a testing phase, and although users report seeing the settings, the functionality is not yet operational, limiting the battery to a maximum of 85%. 

The upcoming One UI update is anticipated to bring a fully functional Battery Protection feature, granting users more control over their device's charging behavior to promote better battery health.


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