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Samsung Plans to Infuse AI Into Camera Sensors for Advanced Features

Samsung is set to infuse artificial intelligence (AI) into its camera sensors, aiming to introduce more advanced features and capabilities. According to reports, Samsung's long-term plan includes developing camera sensors that can capture "invisible" details by 2027. While the report doesn't specify the nature of these invisible details, it suggests that Samsung aims to go beyond conventional imaging capabilities.

Samsung has been emphasizing the integration of AI into its camera image sensor business, with the goal of leading the "Proactive AI" era. The company envisions incorporating AI processing directly into its camera sensors to enable advanced features and functionalities. The recent introduction of Zoom Anyplace technology, powered by AI, is an example of Samsung's efforts in this direction. This technology allows simultaneous 4K video recording of the full frame and a zoomed-in part of the frame, showcasing the potential of on-device AI processing.

During Samsung's System LSI Tech Day 2023 event, the company expressed its commitment to mastering Generative AI, high-performance algorithms, and technologies, as well as long-range communication solutions. The move towards incorporating AI into camera sensors aligns with the growing demand for advanced imaging capabilities in various industries, including autonomous cars, IoT, robotics, and extended reality (XR) devices.

Samsung faces stiff competition from Sony in the camera image sensor market, where Sony currently holds the leadership position with a 54% market share. Samsung, with a 29% market share, is actively working to close the gap and believes that AI integration will play a crucial role in achieving this goal. As the camera sensor market enters a growth phase, driven by demand from emerging technologies, Samsung's strategic focus on AI could be a significant differentiator.


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