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Rumors Point to Development of PS5 Pro with Improved Hardware, 4K Targeted Resolution, and Potential 2024 Release

Rumors surrounding a potential PS5 Pro continue to circulate, with reliable insiders claiming it is "100% in development." While Sony has not officially confirmed the existence of a PS5 Pro, speculation and leaks suggest that it could serve as a mid-generation refresh, following the pattern set by the PS4 and PS4 Pro. Legal documents from the Microsoft-FTC dispute indicate that neither Sony nor Microsoft expects a next-generation PlayStation or Xbox until 2028, making a mid-generation refresh more plausible.

The PS5 Pro, if released, is expected to build upon the current PS5 hardware with refreshed internal components, potentially offering increased performance and targeted 4K resolution on select titles. It would not be a full-fledged successor to the PS5 but rather an iteration of the existing hardware. Rumored release dates have shifted, with suggestions of a September 2024 launch and speculation from insiders like Tom Henderson pointing to November 2024. The PS5 Pro might be part of Sony's ambitious hardware lineup, alongside a revised standard PS5 model and a new handheld device centered around Remote Play.

Speculation on the PS5 Pro's potential specs includes an emphasis on 8K resolution and improved ray tracing capabilities. Leaks suggest the use of a new AMD Ryzen APU with a Neural Processing Unit (NPU) for machine learning-powered upscaling. Rumored upgrades to CPU and RAM, along with an enhanced GPU, could lead to more consistent framerates at 4K resolution and a new "performance mode" for 8K resolution. The PS5 Pro might offer players a choice between different modes, prioritizing framerate or resolution.

Regarding features, the PS5 Pro is not expected to offer exclusive features, and it would likely play all the same games as the PS5. It could potentially work with the recently released PSVR 2 headset, offering improved performance or sharper visuals. The price of the PS5 Pro remains uncertain, with speculation suggesting it could follow the trend of previous generations, launching at $499 or possibly even $599.

In the early outlook, despite the PS5 celebrating its third birthday in 2023, the console generation still feels relatively young. Some high-profile games have been released in a less-than-impressive technical state, indicating that developers could benefit from more power. The PS5 Pro might be marketed toward enthusiasts seeking the highest resolution and stable framerates. While the existence of the PS5 Pro remains unconfirmed by Sony, leaks and rumors continue to fuel speculation about its potential features and release date.

Rumors Point to Development of PS5 Pro with Improved Hardware, 4K Targeted Resolution, and Potential 2024 Release

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