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Razer Edge Review: Cloud Gaming Handheld with Kishi V2 Pro, OLED Display, and Impressive Battery Life

The Razer Edge is a cloud gaming handheld that takes a different approach by relying on Android for lightweight apps and cloud gaming services like GeForce Now and Xbox Cloud gaming for more demanding titles. Priced at $400, it features a two-piece design consisting of a matte black slab housing a 6.8-inch 144Hz OLED display and a detachable controller resembling the Kishi V2.

The Edge's gamepad, the Kishi V2 Pro, includes added haptics and a 3.5mm audio jack, with the only port on the Edge being a USB-C connector. The device has a plastic body, larger than a Galaxy S23 Ultra, with stereo speakers, vents for internal fans, and a 5MP front-facing camera for livestreaming. The lack of RGB lighting and fingerprint sensor might be notable omissions.

In terms of gameplay, the Edge is user-friendly, automatically detecting games with controller support when connected to the Kishi V2 Pro. A recent update allows the gamepad to map virtual touch controls to physical buttons and joysticks, improving the experience for games without official controller support. However, some aspects, like menu buttons misalignment, remain challenging.

Performance-wise, the Edge has specs clarified as 6GB RAM and 128GB storage for the Wi-Fi version and 8GB RAM for the 5G version, both equipped with Snapdragon G3x chip and Adreno 660 graphics. Performance benchmarks indicate it aligns with a flagship phone from 2022, offering sufficient power for cloud gaming and Android titles.

Battery life is a strong point, lasting over 15 hours in local video playback and around 7-8 hours during gaming, longer than some other handheld PCs. The device supports passthrough charging via USB-C, but recharging is slower when using the gamepad's pass-through feature.

While priced reasonably at $400, the Razer Edge's niche appeal may cater to those with older phones or specific requirements for on-the-go gaming. The absence of a dedicated gaming ecosystem, combined with the versatility of modern smartphones, might limit its broad appeal, but it could find a niche among users seeking a dedicated gaming device.


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