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OnePlus 12 Unveiled: Minimal Design Changes, New Colors, and Relocated Alert Slider

OnePlus has officially unveiled its upcoming flagship smartphone, the OnePlus 12, ahead of its debut in China. The device showcases minimal changes in design compared to its predecessor, the OnePlus 11, but introduces three new color options: black, white, and a unique "Flowy Emerald" green with a distinct texture inspired by nature.

Among the notable features, the OnePlus 12 incorporates a periscope zoom camera, a first for the brand since the OnePlus 8. However, it offers a 3x optical zoom level, which is a departure from the 5x-10x zoom commonly found in periscope lenses from other manufacturers like Google, Apple, and Samsung.

OnePlus 12 with minimal design changes and new colors

A significant external change is the relocation of the iconic Alert Slider, a distinctive feature of OnePlus devices. The Alert Slider has been moved to the other side of the device to accommodate a new integrated antenna. OnePlus explains that this adjustment enhances antenna signal strength, particularly when the phone is held in landscape orientation. The company employs Ultra-compact Full-band Antenna technology and introduces Alert Slider Antenna Integration technology to maintain optimal signal performance while minimizing the space occupied by the Alert Slider.

OnePlus states that this repositioning of the Alert Slider improves gaming antenna signal by 3dB, resulting in a 15% reduction in game latency. While this change may disrupt the muscle memory of longtime OnePlus users, it addresses the need for better signal performance in the device.

The OnePlus 12 is scheduled to launch in China on December 5, with a global launch expected in January 2024. The official global launch date is anticipated to be announced on December 15, as per Engadget. However, leaked information suggests a January 24 launch date for global markets.

OnePlus 12 Unveiled: Minimal Design Changes, New Colors, and Relocated Alert Slider

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  1. The OnePlus 12 introduces three eye-catching hues, including the distinctive "Flowy Emerald" green, and makes small design tweaks that have a significant impact. Notable is the addition of a periscope zoom camera, even if the 3x optical zoom sets it apart from rival models. There is mystery surrounding the Alert Slider's repositioning for improved antenna performance. What role does the Ultra-compact Full-band Antenna technology play in preserving the strongest possible signal, particularly when using it in a landscape orientation? Even while the modification seeks to lower latency and enhance gaming antenna signal, how will it be received by the existing user base in the constantly changing MobilezMarket?

  2. Looking forward to maybe buying one of OnePlus mobile devices, Thinking of giving it a try. Any suggestions would be helpful...

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