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Nothing Phone 2a Design Leaks: Horizontal Camera Setup and Subtle Refresh

Nothing, the technology company, is reportedly working on a new smartphone model speculated to be named the Nothing Phone 2a, potentially positioning itself as a mid-range handset. Recent leaks have provided insights into the design elements of this upcoming device.

According to information from renowned tipster Yogesh Brar, who claims to have had hands-on experience with a working prototype of the Nothing Phone 2a, the brand is making intriguing design choices. The front of the device is expected to retain the center-aligned punch-hole cutout, while the rear will undergo more noticeable changes. Although the back will still feature a dual-camera setup, the layout is reportedly shifting to a horizontal alignment at the center, deviating from the left-sided alignment seen in previous models.

Following some criticism for the perceived similarity between Nothing's Phone 1 and Phone 2, the company seems to be addressing design concerns with a subtle refresh in the upcoming Phone 2a. The tipster suggests that while the new smartphone will introduce changes, it will still draw inspiration from the design elements of both the Nothing Phone 1 and Phone 2.

Earlier reports had also shared an image of the back panel of the Phone 2a, displaying a vertically stacked dual-camera setup, reminiscent of Nothing's previous phone designs. Additionally, the Phone 2a is expected to feature a 6.7-inch AMOLED display with the AIN142 model number. The device's LED Glyph Interface lighting, a distinctive feature of Nothing's design, is also visible on the rear. Furthermore, recent sightings of the Nothing Phone 2a on the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) with the AIN142 model number confirm its forthcoming launch in the Indian market.

It's important to note that these details are based on leaks and unconfirmed reports, so there may be changes or additional information revealed as the official launch approaches.


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