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Microsoft's Copilot AI Chatbot Moves from Public Preview to General Availability

In early February, Microsoft introduced its generative AI-based chatbot, initially named Bing Chat, which later evolved into Copilot. After months of refinement and additional features in the public preview stage, Microsoft has officially announced that Copilot is now generally available. This transition signifies a level of confidence in the tool's performance and marks its readiness for adoption in daily workflows.

With Copilot now in general availability, organizations and users can seamlessly integrate it into their routines. Notably, Copilot comes with commercial data protection, aligning it with Microsoft's Universal Commercial License Terms for Online Services, which include the Customer Copyright Commitment (CCC). This commitment assures customers that they can leverage Copilot without concerns about copyright claims.

Microsoft has made Copilot with commercial data protection available at no extra cost for subscribers to Microsoft 365 commercial and educational plans. Future plans include extending support for Copilot with commercial data protection to most of its Entra ID users.

Businesses that have already embraced Copilot during the public preview phase can seamlessly continue usage, and those exploring the tool can refer to the official documentation and Microsoft's adoption kit for comprehensive information. Interested users can also visit the Copilot website for a firsthand experience before implementing it widely in their workflows. This move reinforces Microsoft's commitment to delivering AI-driven solutions that cater to the evolving needs of businesses and individuals.

Microsoft's Copilot AI Chatbot Moves from Public Preview to General Availability

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    1. Once you have the latest version of Windows, you can find Copilot in the Windows 11 taskbar or use Win + C for quick access. There's also the option to dock Copilot in a side pane on your desktop, Hope this helps

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