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Microsoft Launches Standalone Copilot App on Google Play Store, Expanding Access to GPT-4-Powered AI Features on Android

Microsoft has introduced a dedicated Copilot app on the Google Play Store, providing Android users with a standalone platform to access AI Copilot without the need for the Bing app. Previously, Microsoft integrated its GPT-based AI chatbot, initially known as Bing Chat, into the Bing search engine. The standalone Copilot app streamlines the user experience, offering quick access to AI-generated content. The app's features are similar to the ChatGPT app, allowing users to generate images using DALL-E 3, draft emails, compose songs, and more.

The Copilot app's listing on the Google Play Store indicates that it was last updated on December 19, 2023, signaling its recent availability. The app's functionalities are diverse, catering to various user needs, much like the ChatGPT app. Notably, the Copilot app distinguishes itself by offering these features for free, allowing users to toggle on GPT-4 within the app at no cost. In contrast, the official GPT-4 chatbot on ChatGPT requires a subscription fee for ChatGPT Plus.

The availability of a dedicated Copilot app on the Android platform showcases Microsoft's commitment to enhancing the user experience and accessibility of its AI technologies. The app's free access to GPT-4 and its comprehensive set of features contribute to making it an attractive option for users seeking AI-generated content on their mobile devices.

While the Copilot app is currently exclusive to Android, Microsoft provides Copilot integration in other platforms, including its presence within the Bing app on iOS, a dedicated website, and integration within Microsoft Edge. Additionally, Copilot can be enabled on Windows 11, offering users multiple entry points to leverage the capabilities of Microsoft's AI chatbot.


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