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Leaked Details Unveil Samsung Galaxy S24 Series Specifications: RAM, Storage Options, Colors, and Pricing Insights

As the imminent arrival of 2024 stirs excitement, a recent leak has surfaced, providing insights into the potential specifications of the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S24 series. This leak, originating from a reputable source known for accurate Samsung device information, sheds light on crucial details such as RAM capacities, storage configurations, and color options for all three models in the upcoming flagship series.

In terms of aesthetic choices, all variants—Galaxy S24, S24+, and S24 Ultra—are rumored to debut in an array of colors, including Black, Grey, Violet, and Yellow at the time of their official launch. While Samsung often introduces exclusive color variants for devices purchased through its official channels, specific details regarding such offerings are currently undisclosed.

Delving into storage options, the Galaxy S24 is anticipated to maintain a baseline configuration of 8GB of RAM coupled with 128GB of storage, aligning with the specifications of its predecessor, the Galaxy S23. Additionally, a variant with 8GB of RAM and expanded storage of 256GB is reportedly in the lineup, although a 512GB model is notably absent from the leaked information.

Shifting focus to the Galaxy S24+, expectations point to a base configuration of 12GB of RAM, with storage options spanning 256GB and 512GB. Unlike its predecessor, there is no mention of a 1TB storage variant for the S24+ in the leak.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, positioned as the flagship model, is projected to feature a base configuration of 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. For users seeking expanded storage, alternatives with 512GB or a substantial 1TB capacity are purportedly part of the offering.

In terms of pricing, the leak suggests continuity in the pricing structure compared to previous models. The Galaxy S24 is speculated to be priced at $800/€950/£850, the S24+ at $1,000/€1,200/£1,050, and the S24 Ultra at $1,200/€1,400/£1,250.

While leaks should be approached with caution until officially confirmed by Samsung, this information, if accurate, paints an enticing picture for prospective consumers, promising a diverse range of storage choices and vibrant color selections when the Samsung Galaxy S24 series hits the market. Stay tuned for official announcements from Samsung to validate these details as the launch date approaches.


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