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Google's Messages App May Soon Allow Message Editing After Sending, Code Hints

Google is reportedly in the process of developing a new feature for its Messages app that could enable users to edit a message even after it has been sent. This revelation stems from code discovered in a beta version of the app on November 19th, with four associated flags hinting at the potential feature. However, attempts to activate these flags did not yield any observable changes, leaving the actual implementation uncertain.

The concept of editing messages post-send has become increasingly prevalent in various messaging platforms. Apple incorporated this capability into iMessage with iOS 16, allowing users a brief window to make edits. WhatsApp also introduced a similar feature in 2023, providing a 15-minute window for message editing. It remains to be seen how Google's version will function, including whether there will be a time limit for editing, and if recipients will be able to view an edit history.

The specific details of Google's approach to this feature remain unknown, and the company has not officially commented on the matter. The code snippet suggesting compatibility with the RCS (Rich Communication Services) messaging protocol adds an interesting layer, labeled as "original_rcs_messages_id."

As messaging apps continue to enhance user experiences with innovative features, the prospect of post-send message editing on Google's Messages app awaits further clarification from the tech giant.


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