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Google's AI-Powered Note-Taking App, NotebookLM, Widely Available in the U.S. with New Features

Google's experimental AI-powered note-taking app, NotebookLM, is now widely available in the United States, accompanied by several new features. The app is "starting" to utilize Google's Gemini Pro AI model to enhance document understanding and reasoning. NotebookLM, in its current capabilities, can summarize imported documents, extract key points, and answer questions about the sources of note-taking. The new features include the ability to transform notes into different document types, with the app suggesting formats such as outlines or study guides based on selected notes. Users can also specify the desired format, such as an email, script outline, newsletter, and more.

Additionally, NotebookLM will offer suggested actions based on the user's activities within the app. For instance, if a user is writing a note, the app may automatically provide tools to refine the prose or suggest related ideas based on the content. Other useful features include the ability to save responses from NotebookLM as notes, share notes with others, and focus the AI on specific sources during interactions.

Google is expanding some of the app's limitations, allowing users to include up to 20 sources in a notebook, each with a capacity of up to 200,000 words. NotebookLM was initially introduced as "Project Tailwind" at Google's I/O conference in May and was later made available to a limited group of testers. The broader availability comes shortly after Google unveiled Gemini, its competitor to OpenAI's GPT-4.


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