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Google Home Mini Faces User Outcry as Recent Update Renders Devices Unresponsive, Some Bricked

The Google Home Mini, once a popular and affordable smart speaker, is facing a significant issue as reports from users indicate that a recent update has caused the devices to become unresponsive and, in some cases, completely bricked. Users have complained on platforms like Reddit and Google's forums that their Google Home Mini devices are no longer functional after the update. The affected devices exhibit symptoms like turning on all four lights but not functioning properly, and attempts to reset them have proven unsuccessful.

The issue seems to affect not only the Google Home Mini but also the original Google Home released in 2016, although reports regarding the latter are limited. Affected users have expressed frustration as their devices, which were once popular for bringing hands-free Google Assistant functionality to households, are now unusable. Google has partially acknowledged the problem, with a Community Manager asking for additional feedback and reports from affected users.

In an update, Google confirmed that a recent software rollout caused a small percentage of older Google Home and Google Home Mini devices to stop working. The company stated that the issue has been resolved for future updates, but users who are experiencing an unresponsive device with four unblinking white lights are advised to contact customer support for assistance. Some users reported that their devices started working again after being plugged in overnight, but for many affected users, the devices remain non-functional.

This incident has led to frustration among users who relied on these devices for smart home assistance, highlighting the challenges that can arise when updates unintentionally render hardware inoperable. Google's response indicates that the company is aware of the issue and is addressing it for future updates, but the impact on affected users remains significant, potentially leading to the demise of once-popular devices.


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