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Google Explores Generative AI Features for Chrome: 'Create Theme with AI' and 'Help Me Write'

Google is reportedly working on new generative AI features for its Chrome browser, including a tool named "Create Theme with AI." This feature allows users to generate custom themes on the desktop by selecting a subject from 12 categories, choosing an art style, and fine-tuning the creation by selecting a mood and color palette. However, the tool is currently exclusive to Chrome Canary, an experimental version for developers, and its functionality is not guaranteed at this stage. Another generative AI tool in development for Chrome is "Help Me Write," which offers contextual writing suggestions for posts or online reviews. This feature is still under development and may be released in Chrome 122 in February 2024.

The "Create Theme with AI" tool represents Google's effort to enhance user customization in the Chrome browser. Users can choose from various categories and art styles to generate unique desktop themes based on their preferences. However, it's important to note that the tool is currently in the experimental stage, and users may experience instability when using Chrome Canary. Google issues warnings about potential data loss or security compromises when enabling experimental features in Canary.

In addition to the theme customization tool, Google is working on "Help Me Write," another generative AI feature aimed at providing contextual writing suggestions. This tool is designed to assist users in composing posts or online reviews by offering relevant suggestions based on a short prompt. While it's still in development, there are expectations that it could be released with Chrome 122 in February 2024.

Both generative AI features showcase Google's ongoing efforts to integrate advanced AI capabilities into its Chrome browser, providing users with enhanced customization options and assistance in various writing scenarios. As with any experimental features, users are advised to exercise caution due to potential instability and uncertainties regarding their future release.

Google Explores Generative AI Features for Chrome: 'Create Theme with AI' and 'Help Me Write'

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