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Apple Vision Pro 2 to Feature Advanced Micro-OLED Displays in 2027

Apple is gearing up for the launch of the Vision Pro 2 in 2027, with significant improvements planned for its mixed reality headset. The company is focusing on enhancing the displays by incorporating brighter and more efficient micro-OLED displays. The forthcoming Vision Pro is set to feature twin micro-OLED displays, with Apple claiming that they will surpass the pixel count of a 4K TV for each eye, promising an immersive visual experience.

According to market research firm Omidia, reported by The Elec via MacRumors, the Apple Vision Pro 2 is expected to debut with an RGB OLEDoS display in 2027. This advanced display technology is set to replace the WOLED displays with color filters used in the initial Vision Pro headset. The RGB OLEDoS displays eliminate the need for color filters, producing light and color directly from adjacent RGB sub-pixels on a single layer. This results in significantly brighter and more efficient displays compared to WOLED and color filter OLEDoS displays.

Samsung, a long-time competitor of Apple, is the exclusive provider of RGB OLEDoS displays. The report suggests that Samsung is likely to be the supplier for Apple's Vision Pro 2, given its current position as the sole provider of this advanced display technology. This aligns with the historical collaboration between the two tech giants, with Samsung consistently supplying OLED displays for various iPhone models.

Recent leaks about the Vision Pro 2, codenamed Project Alaska, suggest that it is currently in the development phase. The headset is expected to feature two Micro OLED displays with semi-automatic interpupillary distance (IPD) adjustment, a TrueDepth camera, four computer vision cameras, two RGB cameras, two low-light infrared illuminators, and various other sensors commonly found in smartphones. The redesigned rear strap is also among the anticipated improvements for the second iteration of Apple's mixed reality headset.

Apple Vision Pro 2 to Feature Advanced Micro-OLED Displays in 2027

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