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Android 15 to Bring Advanced Battery Health Monitoring, Serial Number Verification, and More

The frustrations of smartphone users grappling with battery health issues may find some relief in the upcoming Android 15, building upon the foundation laid by Android 14. Recent beta builds of Android 14 revealed the integration of new APIs that allow users to monitor certain aspects of their phone's battery health, marking a step toward more advanced and accurate tracking.

The experimental Android 14 QPR2 Beta 2 build introduced several tweaks, enhancements, and new features. Among the notable changes was the replacement of the "Restricted" battery optimization with a new "allow background usage" toggle. Furthermore, hidden within the beta build, Nail Sadykov discovered additional resources that shed light on the potential for more detailed battery health monitoring.

The latest findings suggest that Android 15 may feature a revamped battery health page, akin to Apple's Battery Health & Charging page in iOS. The hidden menu, when activated, showcases nodes and options providing insights into battery usage and health, the status of features like Battery Saver, Adaptive Charging, and Battery Share, among others. Although the page currently displays a generic note about battery degradation over time, it hints at future capabilities.

One notable upcoming feature is the ability to read and translate battery serial numbers, allowing users to verify the authenticity of their phone's battery. This can be crucial in distinguishing between genuine and third-party batteries. The advancements in battery health monitoring align with Android's commitment to optimizing power consumption and improving overall device performance.

While third-party apps have attempted to provide battery health information, the integration of new APIs in Android 15 is expected to enhance the accuracy and reliability of such measurements. The upcoming Android version is likely to build upon the power-saving optimizations introduced in Android 14, further refining the user experience and addressing common concerns related to battery performance. As users eagerly await the official release of Android 15, the promise of more robust battery health monitoring brings a ray of hope for those seeking improved longevity and efficiency from their devices.

Android 15 May Offer Advanced Battery Health Monitoring Features

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