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The Nothing Phone (2) Becomes First Android Phone to Officially Support iMessage

The Nothing Phone (2) has achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first Android smartphone to officially support Apple iMessage. This support is facilitated through the Nothing Chatts app, which is specifically designed to seamlessly connect the Nothing Phone (2) with iPhones. Positioned as an alternative to the Sunbird app, Nothing Chatts addresses the longstanding challenge of integrating iMessage with Android devices. Developed in collaboration with Sunbird, the app is set to be available on the Google Play Store starting November 17, exclusively for the Nothing Phone (2). Users can link their Apple iCloud accounts to Nothing Chatts for iMessage integration.

Despite this breakthrough, the Nothing Chatts app raises privacy concerns, as messages are not stored on servers, but potential risks could arise from third-party entities. Notably, the app lacks certain iMessage features, including emoji reactions, message editing, and read receipts. Additionally, its availability is initially limited to the US, UK, Canada, and the EU, with plans for expansion to other markets in the future.

The Nothing Phone (1) may also see integration with the Nothing Chatts app, marking a strategic move by Nothing to bridge the gap between Android and iMessage functionality. Priced at $699 and available on Amazon, the Nothing Phone (2) continues to make waves in the smartphone landscape.


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