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TCS and AWS Collaborate to Launch Dedicated Generative AI Practice

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), the largest IT services exporter in India, has partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to launch a dedicated generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) practice. TCS recently provided foundation training on GenAI to 100,000 employees globally. The new practice will focus on utilizing responsible AI frameworks and TCS's "Paceport innovation hubs" to develop a comprehensive portfolio of solutions and services across various industry sectors. The company has already secured Wyndham Hotels and Resorts as a customer, extending its strategic partnership with TCS and AWS for managing its digital transformation journey.

Generative AI is gaining attention globally for its potential to reshape industries significantly. TCS is actively working on GenAI with its clients and is in the process of certifying over 25,000 employees on AWS generative AI services.

The company's consultants will collaborate with clients to explore impactful use cases in their business context, experiment collaboratively, and co-innovate generative AI-powered solutions. Krishna Mohan, Deputy Head of TCS AI, Cloud unit, emphasized the holistic approach required for effective and trustworthy deployment of generative AI technology, considering factors such as creativity, productivity, and business value.


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