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Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses Review: A Stylish and Functional Upgrade with Enhanced Audio, Camera Quality, and Meta's AI Assistant Integration

Two years after the release of the Ray-Ban Stories, Meta (formerly Facebook) has introduced the Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses. Priced at $299, these sunglasses maintain a stylish appearance similar to regular Ray-Bans, offering a slimmed-down frame and charging case compared to the original model. The glasses charge wirelessly through the nosepiece and boast improved audio quality, with 50% louder open-ear speakers. The camera has been upgraded to a 12MP ultra-wide lens, delivering better photo quality, and the addition of five microphones enables new immersive audio features for videos.

Despite feeling somewhat like a novelty, the Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses have introduced new functionalities. They automatically turn on when removed from the case, which now resembles a classic tan leather Ray-Ban pouch. The device can last about four hours on a single charge, and the case holds an additional four charges. The glasses are available in Wayfarer and new Headliner styles, with transparent color options revealing some of the embedded tech. A notable feature is the ability to livestream directly to Instagram or Facebook, with touch controls on the glasses providing interaction with likes and comments.

The introduction of Meta's AI assistant enhances the glasses' capabilities, allowing users to chat about various topics. The assistant, triggered by saying "hey Meta," provides answers through internal speakers, with past interactions stored in the Meta View app. While the AI assistant still feels somewhat like a novelty, Meta hints at future possibilities, such as multi-modal search capabilities based on what users see through their glasses. However, privacy concerns arise, as users need a Meta account to use the glasses, raising questions about data storage and potential future ad targeting.

In conclusion, the Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses, priced at $299, present an improved version compared to their predecessor. With enhanced audio, camera quality, and the addition of Meta's AI assistant, these smart glasses offer a more compelling user experience. The integration of new functionalities like livestreaming and hands-free photo messaging, especially within Meta's ecosystem, makes them more useful for creators and those comfortable with Meta's platform. Despite privacy concerns, the Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses seem to offer an interesting blend of style and functionality for users invested in Meta's ecosystem.

Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses Review: A Stylish and Functional Upgrade with Enhanced Audio, Camera Quality, and Meta's AI Assistant Integration

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