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Nothing Chats App Temporarily Removed from Play Store Due to Security Vulnerabilities

In recent developments, Nothing, a tech company founded by Carl Pei, announced the 'Nothing Chats' app, aiming to bring iMessage functionality to Android. However, the app has encountered security concerns and has been swiftly removed from the Play Store. According to a statement by Nothing, the removal is temporary, with plans to delay the launch until the identified issues are addressed. Nothing acknowledges collaboration with Sunbird, the technology provider for iMessage functionality, to rectify multiple bugs.

Upon analyzing the app through a teardown, Android developers and security researchers discovered significant security vulnerabilities. Despite claims of end-to-end encryption by Nothing and Sunbird, the app's security has been questioned. The exposed vulnerabilities include the potential compromise of user data, such as contact information, message contents, and attachment data, during transit over HTTP. The findings also reveal that Sunbird, the technology provider, has the capability to access and read all messages and media shared through the Nothing Chats app.

The concerns raised by developers and security researchers highlight three major issues: Data in transit vulnerability, Data at rest vulnerability, and Insider Threat/Data Exposure. The detailed report on these issues has been published by the team responsible for developing WordPress and Tumblr. As Nothing commits to addressing these security issues before relaunching the app, users are advised to remain vigilant and await a more secure version of the 'Nothing Chats' app.


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