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Google Introduces 'Notes' in Search Labs, Enabling Collaborative Insights on Search Results

Google has rolled out an experimental feature named "Notes" in its Search Labs, introducing a collaborative element to search results. This feature allows users to share their knowledge directly on search results, offering helpful context about web pages. Users can leave notes for others searching for specific information on a particular page, enhancing the overall search experience.

Accessible as an opt-in experiment in the Google app on iOS and Android devices, "Notes" has initiated its rollout for opted-in users in the US and India, with Hindi language support for Indian users. By tapping the "Notes" button below search results or on articles in Discover, users can see insights and comments shared by others about a specific web page.

When users encounter a valuable page, they can contribute by creating a note, sharing their insights or experiences on a given topic or article. The "Notes" feature includes customization options, enabling users to add text fonts, stickers, and photos to their notes. While the US version of the feature supports adding AI-generated images to notes, this update is not currently available for Indian users.

As Google continues to experiment with innovative features like "Notes," it aims to make the search platform more collaborative and user-friendly. In the future, Google plans to explore ways to provide site owners with insights into the notes that users add to their content, further enhancing the interactive nature of its search ecosystem.


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