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vivo X100 Series, Featuring X100 Pro, to Include Rapid 120W Charging and Sony LYT800 Sensor

The upcoming vivo X100 series, with a strong focus on the X100 Pro model, is generating excitement among smartphone enthusiasts. The latest information from a 3C listing reveals that the X100 Pro will support rapid 120W charging, a feature that matches its predecessor, the X90 Pro, and surpasses the X90 Pro+ with its 80W charging capabilities.

Additional details shared by Digital Chat Station on Weibo suggest that the X100 Pro will feature a curved front panel with a high-resolution 1220p display and a generous 5,100 mAh battery. Interestingly, the leakster also mentioned two different variants of the standard vivo X100. One variant is said to have a curved panel, a 5,400 mAh battery, and impressive 100W wired and 50W wireless charging capabilities. The other variant is expected to come with a flat OLED display, a smaller battery, and rapid 120W charging. It's worth noting that the Weibo post with this information was later deleted, raising questions about its accuracy.

While there is much speculation surrounding the X100 series, one confirmed feature is the inclusion of a new customized version of the Sony LYT800 sensor. This sensor, specifically tailored to vivo's requirements, boasts a resolution of 53 MP and a modern stacked design. This sensor module is expected to be a common feature across all models in the vivo X100 series.

In addition to the charging capabilities and camera enhancements, there have been rumors that the X100 Pro may include satellite connectivity, following a trend among major smartphone manufacturers. However, such features remain unconfirmed until official announcements are made. As the launch date for the vivo X100 series approaches, fans of the brand eagerly await further details and official specifications.


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