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Unlocking the Hidden DisplayPort Feature on Google Pixel 8; Everything to know

Android has long been praised for its exceptional customization capabilities, and this extends to the tweaking and modification of features. Despite initial claims by Google denying the presence of the DisplayPort feature on the Pixel 8, developers have managed to make it functional through a few adjustments. According to them, the feature does exist in the Pixel 8, but Google had disabled it through the stable firmware prop. To address this concern, a Magisk Module has been developed by a tester, which enables the DisplayPort feature to work as intended.

The DisplayPort feature on the Pixel 8 serves the purpose of mirroring the device's display on a compatible monitor using a USB Type-C cable. It's a functionality reminiscent of Samsung's DeX, albeit without as much refinement. This feature can prove highly useful for users who require the flexibility to work on their phones.

To install the DisplayPort Magisk Module, Pixel 8 users can follow these steps:
  • Download and install Magisk Manager on your Pixel 8.
  • Download the DisplayPort Magisk Module and flash it via Magisk Manager.
  • Reboot the phone.

Following these steps, Pixel 8 users can activate the DisplayPort feature and enjoy its benefits, unless Google decides to officially make it available through an OTA (Over-The-Air) update. The reasons behind Google initially disabling the DisplayPort feature may include working on a more refined version to compete with Samsung's DeX or refining the feature before an official unveiling.

Users who are interested in utilizing this feature can do so through the provided method, and any questions or concerns can be addressed through the corresponding XDA thread. The Android platform's flexibility and the active developer community contribute to its reputation as a highly customizable operating system.

Unlocking the Hidden DisplayPort Feature on Google Pixel 8: A Tale of Customization and Community Efforts

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