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Slack Retires @SlackStatus Account, Redirects Users to Primary Status Page

Slack has made the decision to retire its @SlackStatus account, which was dedicated to sharing updates regarding issues and outages on its platform. Kevin Albers, the VP of customer experience at Slack, explained that this move is aimed at consolidating communications related to incidents and reallocating resources to channels more widely used by their customers.

The @SlackStatus account served as a valuable means of notification when Slack was investigating problems, particularly for users who closely monitored the platform's performance. However, Slack users looking to stay informed about its status moving forward are encouraged to visit Slack's primary status page. Furthermore, customers can reach out to Slack's main account, @SlackHQ, for assistance with any incident-related questions. To receive alerts, users can subscribe to Slack's RSS and Atom feeds.

This decision by Slack to retire the @SlackStatus account aligns with a trend where other companies have also scaled back their investment in X. For instance, American Express made its @AskAmex account private and informed customers of its inactivity as of August 1st. Similarly, Air France, citing changes in X's conditions, no longer conducts customer service via direct messages on X, possibly referring to X's adjustments in API pricing tiers earlier in the year.

Slack Retires @SlackStatus Account, Redirects Users to Primary Status Page

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