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Dyson Purifier Big+Quiet: Redefining Indoor Air Purification in India

Dyson, a renowned name in the world of innovative and high-quality home appliances, has just introduced its latest offering to the Indian market - the Dyson Purifier Big+Quiet air purifier. This powerful air purifier is set to redefine indoor air purification with its exceptional performance, advanced features, and striking design. Dyson's reputation for excellence promises to make a significant impact on the air purification industry with this new addition.

One of the standout features of the Dyson Purifier Big+Quiet is its unique cone aerodynamic design. This design marvel is engineered to deliver pure air projection, effectively covering areas of up to 1076 square feet. What sets it apart is not just its superior performance but also its quiet operation, making it an ideal choice for a peaceful and serene indoor environment.

But this air purifier isn't just about aesthetics and quiet operation. It boasts a HEPA H13-grade particle filter composed of borosilicate microfibers. This advanced filter is capable of capturing particles as small as 0.1 microns, ensuring that even the tiniest impurities don't stand a chance. Moreover, it doesn't stop at dust and common allergens; it's also equipped to absorb pollutants like NO2 and Ozone. In essence, it's a comprehensive solution for improving air quality.

The Dyson Purifier Big+Quiet takes user convenience to another level with its gas and particle sensors. These sensors provide real-time air quality readings, which are displayed on the built-in LCD screen and can also be accessed through the user-friendly MyDyson App. It puts control and insights right at your fingertips.

To add a touch of nature to your indoor environment, the air purifier offers a breeze mode that replicates natural airflow patterns. This enhances air circulation and creates a refreshing atmosphere within your living space, making it a delightful addition to your home.

To top it off, the MyDyson app allows for remote operation and real-time performance monitoring. This ensures that you can always enjoy the benefits of cleaner and fresher air, even when you're not at home.

Dyson's commitment to cutting-edge technology and innovation has made it a household name, and the Dyson Purifier Big+Quiet air purifier is a testament to that legacy. As it becomes available in India, consumers can look forward to cleaner and healthier air in their homes, thanks to Dyson's dedication to quality and performance.

In addition to the air purifier, Dyson recently expanded its offerings in India with the introduction of the Dyson Zone noise-cancelling headphones, featuring integrated air purification technology. With its unwavering dedication to enhancing the living environment and overall well-being of its users, Dyson continues to push the boundaries of innovation and redefine everyday living.


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