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Android's Upcoming Quick Settings Feature to Simplify SIM Card Switching

Android is working on improving the user experience for those with multiple SIM cards or eSIMs, aiming to streamline the process of switching between them. Presently, changing from one SIM card to another in Android can be a cumbersome task, requiring users to navigate through the Settings app, specifically the Network & internet settings, to select their preferred SIM for mobile data and calls. This method isn't particularly swift and can be inconvenient, especially when there's a need to switch quickly.

Recognizing this user frustration, Google is planning to address the issue. A comment on the Android Issue Tracker confirms that Android will introduce a new Quick Settings tile that enables users to swiftly switch between active SIMs, particularly for data usage. While it remains uncertain when this feature will be officially introduced, the Android 14 QPR1 release appears to be a likely candidate for its debut.

This change will make it significantly more convenient for Android users with multiple SIM cards or eSIMs to manage their mobile data preferences, potentially enhancing their experience and productivity when navigating between different networks.

Android's Upcoming Quick Settings Feature to Simplify SIM Card Switching

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