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Adobe's Project Fast Fill: AI-Powered Video Object Manipulation Unveiled at MAX Conference

Adobe is unveiling an exciting new AI-driven feature called Project Fast Fill, which allows users to effortlessly add or remove objects within videos. This innovative tool is part of a series of experimental AI features presented at Adobe's MAX conference. Project Fast Fill empowers users to interchange clothing accessories on people in motion and even remove unwanted elements such as tourists from the background of a landscape panorama.

Functionally, Fast Fill operates similarly to Google's Magic Editor, where objects or people can be moved within video content instead of static images. It shares similarities with Adobe's Project Stardust, which facilitates rapid color changes through simple text prompts. These generative AI features are made possible by Adobe's updated Firefly AI models.

It's important to note that, like many features showcased at Adobe's conferences, Project Fast Fill is currently in the experimental phase, being developed by the company's engineers. However, past features presented at these conferences have eventually made their way to Adobe's Creative Cloud offerings. Adobe is considering integrating this feature into Premiere Pro and After Effects, although no specific timeline has been provided.

Beyond Project Fast Fill, Adobe is actively working on AI editing technology for video, audio, and 3D design in various ways:

  • Project Dub Dub Dub is aimed at translating voices into different languages.
  • Scene Change allows subjects to be seamlessly relocated to a different location within another video clip.
  • Res Up employs diffusion techniques to upscale low-resolution video content.
  • Project Poseable enables the posing of 3D objects based on real people's photos and can generate 3D renderings using text inputs.

These AI-driven initiatives reflect Adobe's commitment to pushing the boundaries of creative possibilities and enhancing its suite of tools for video editing, audio processing, and 3D design.


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