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Adobe Unveils 2024 Versions of Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements with AI Enhancements

Adobe has recently unveiled the 2024 versions of Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements, featuring several noteworthy enhancements powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). The new releases come with an updated user interface to enhance user experience.

In Photoshop Elements 2024, users can now create new images by matching color and tone. Additionally, the software allows users to generate captivating photo reels and save them in GIF or MP4 formats, making it easy to share them on social media platforms. The editing experience in Photoshop Elements has been modernized with fresh fonts, icons, buttons, and colors, along with both light and dark modes for user preference.

This release also introduces AI-powered automatic background selections, consolidates quick photo actions into one location, and offers the ability to remove JPEG artifacts. The software includes Guided Edits for novice users, providing step-by-step guidance to improve image editing.

Adobe Premiere Elements 2024 brings similar upgrades, including the ability to match colors and tones, automatically create highlight reels using Adobe AI, and an updated editing experience. Users can explore new audio effects, graphics, and guided edits to enhance their video editing skills.

Both Photoshop Elements 2024 and Premiere Elements 2024 are available for purchase through various popular retailers. Users can find bundle deals at select retailers, offering a cost-effective solution for those interested in both software products. Adobe offers these products for $150 each, and no subscription is required, making it an attractive option for users seeking powerful yet accessible photo and video editing software.

Adobe Unveils 2024 Versions of Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements with AI Enhancements

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