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iOS 17 Update: Exciting New Features Revealed by Apple


During Apple's much-anticipated Wonderlust event held on Tuesday, the tech giant from California made an exciting announcement: iOS 17 will be available as a free upgrade starting September 18. The buzz surrounding this update is palpable, with promises of enhanced FaceTime, contact sharing via NameDrop, a brand-new journal app, and improved autocorrect features.

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Let's delve into what we can expect from the iOS 17 update and which devices will have the privilege of running it.

What to Anticipate with iOS 17

As beta testers had a head start with iOS 17, the full version is now eagerly anticipated by the general public. There are several standout features that have piqued the interest of users.

As reported by Mashable India, iOS 17 comes bearing exciting updates. For example, FaceTime is in for an upgrade that will allow users to leave video voicemails. The introduction of NameDrop simplifies contact sharing, making it as easy as bringing two phones close together. Moreover, for those who enjoy documenting their thoughts and experiences, a new journal app has been added to the mix.

Notably, Apple has fine-tuned autocorrect to better understand your intentions, sparing you from the frustration of accidental substitutions like "ducking" for another word, as highlighted in the report.

According to a report from USA Today, the new StandBy mode update is another convenient addition to iOS 17. After the update, your iPhone will transform into a smart home display akin to Amazon or Google devices. To activate this feature, users will need an iPhone compatible with iOS 17. Simply place it on its side while charging, whether through a cable or on a charging stand, as mentioned in the report.

Which iPhones Will Embrace iOS 17?

The media report also sheds light on the compatibility of iOS 17 with various iPhone models. Any iPhone released from the iPhone XS onwards, starting with its introduction in September 2018, will be compatible with iOS 17. Consequently, iPhones older than six years will miss out on the latest iOS update. 


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