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Apple Invests Heavily in Advancing Siri with Conversational AI and Multimodal Features

Apple is making a significant commitment to improve Siri's conversational capabilities, reportedly allocating millions of dollars daily to research and development efforts. This investment has resulted in the establishment of distinct AI development teams within the company. One of these teams is dedicated to advancing conversational AI, with a focus on foundational models. Another team concentrates on visual intelligence, involving the generation of images, videos, and 3D scenes. 

The third team specializes in multimodal AI, enabling the understanding and generation of various types of content. Apple's overarching goal is to leverage these AI models for various applications, such as creating chatbots for AppleCare users and empowering Siri to perform complex tasks through voice commands. Spearheading these AI endeavors is John Giannandrea. 

Notably, Apple's advanced language model, AjaxGPT, boasting over 200 billion parameters, has the potential to outperform OpenAI's GPT-3.5, further underlining the company's commitment to AI innovation.


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