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Amazon Unveils New Accessibility Features: Eye Gaze on Alexa and Call Translation for Echo Devices

Amazon has unveiled two new accessibility features set to arrive later this year. The first, called "Eye Gaze on Alexa," will enable individuals with mobility or speech disabilities to control a Fire Max 11 tablet using their gaze. This marks Amazon's first foray into gaze-based navigation, utilizing the tablet's camera to track users' eye movements for actions such as smart home controls, media playback, and making calls. Eye Gaze will be included with the Max 11 at no extra cost. While Amazon has expressed excitement about this technology, specific details on its operation have not been disclosed.

The second feature is "Call Translation," which transcribes Alexa calls on Echo Show devices and displays onscreen captions. This capability supports over 10 languages, including English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese. It is scheduled to launch later this year on Echo Show devices and the Alexa app in several countries. Additionally, call captioning is expanding its availability in Europe.

These accessibility enhancements underscore Amazon's commitment to inclusivity and expanding the capabilities of its devices.

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