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WhatsApp is working on rolling out an update that will allow users to schedule group calls

WhatsApp, the popular messaging app, has been actively testing and introducing new features for its global user base. In a recent development, WhatsApp has not only made the beta feature allowing users to screen share during video calls public but has also unveiled an upcoming feature related to calls. This feature enables users to schedule group calls, both video and audio, a functionality that holds immense utility for both individuals and businesses.

The ability to schedule group calls within WhatsApp will streamline the process of coordinating and hosting virtual meetings or discussions with multiple participants. Users will be able to set a designated time for the group call, and WhatsApp will send alert and reminder messages to all group participants 15 minutes prior to the scheduled call. This feature is expected to enhance the overall usability and convenience of group communications on the platform.

Moreover, WhatsApp's parent company, Meta, has been actively investing in the continuous improvement of WhatsApp. The company has already rolled out several new features and is committed to ongoing enhancements, ensuring that WhatsApp remains a competitive and innovative choice for users looking for efficient and versatile messaging and communication solutions.


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