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Samsung S24 Ultra won't be heavier than last year's S23 Ultra despite the titanium frame

The Samsung S24 Ultra is generating a lot of excitement with its rumored features, including a titanium frame integrated into its body. Users are naturally curious about the potential increase in weight associated with this premium material. However, intriguingly, it appears that the S24 Ultra may not weigh a single gram more than its predecessor, the S23 Ultra, and some rumors even suggest that it could be 1 gram lighter. This delicate balancing act is achieved through meticulous engineering efforts.

Furthermore, to safeguard the device, the S24 Ultra is expected to come equipped with Gorilla Glass Protection on both sides, ensuring durability and protection against scratches and damage. The device will also maintain its water-resistant properties, upholding its ruggedness and resilience against the elements.

Additional rumors surrounding the S24 Ultra include a 6.8-inch QHD+ 120Hz display for a stunning visual experience, an advanced camera setup with a remarkable 200MP primary sensor and impressive zoom capabilities, the availability of Exynos 2400 and Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset variants to cater to a diverse user base, and a robust 5,000mAh battery with 45W fast charging capabilities. It's important to note that these details are based on leaks and unofficial sources, and there may be variations or changes upon the official release. Nonetheless, the S24 Ultra's potential features are certainly generating significant anticipation among smartphone enthusiasts.


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