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Samsung Galaxy Ring price, release date and more

A new category of wearable tech is recently getting the spotlight, which is something you might not think more than once to wear as it is something you wear on your finger, a 'ring'. Majority of the tech brands are working towards launching their version of the smart ring which almost provides the same functionality as the smart band and Samsung is not behind in the list of tech giants who are looking forward to develop their own version of smart ring. This isn't yet confirmed but it is expected that the company is reportedly working on Galaxy Ring which we might see introduced with Samsung stepping into the ring market, we can say that the Smart Ring category is going to be the next big thing in the wearable tech world.

Additionally we can only take an approximate value for the cost figure of Galaxy Ring by estimating what other popular brands smart ring is available to buy at and with that in perspective in mind the Samsung Galaxy Ring could be priced anywhere between 30,000 - 40,000 (INR) or 360 - 480 (USD).

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