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Honor Considering Return to Google Mobile Services for China Market Phones, Hinted by Weibo Post

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Honor is reportedly exploring the possibility of returning to Google Mobile Services (GMS), marking a potential transition from Huawei's HarmonyOS to Android for its devices in the Chinese market. This development is indicated in a recent Weibo blog post, suggesting that Honor may be considering the reintroduction of GMS into its device ecosystem.

Notably, Honor's overseas models of the Honor 50 series have already included GMS since October 2021. Google Mobile Services encompasses a suite of popular Google applications, including Maps, Gmail, YouTube, Chrome, and the Play Store, offering a comprehensive and widely-used ecosystem for Android devices.

In a parallel development, Honor's CEO for India has confirmed via Twitter the company's plans to launch its first smartphone in India after a hiatus of over three years. These moves underscore Honor's strategic efforts to expand its presence and offerings both domestically and internationally, aligning with the preferences and requirements of its target markets.


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