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Google Introduces Dark Web Report Feature for Google One Subscribers in India

Google is rolling out a new Dark Web Report feature exclusively for its Google One subscribers in India. This innovative tool is designed to empower users to proactively monitor their personal information on the dark web, a hidden corner of the internet notorious for its use by hackers engaged in illegal activities, such as the trading of sensitive and stolen data.

The Dark Web Report feature serves as a vigilant guardian, promptly alerting users if any of their personal details surface on the dark web. This early notification equips users with the necessary information to take immediate action against potential fraud or unauthorized use of their data. To initiate monitoring, users create a personalized profile to track specific pieces of information.

Key areas of personal data, including name, birth date, email addresses, and phone numbers, can be monitored for dark web appearances, with the added option of real-time monitoring to enhance proactive protection. Moreover, the feature goes beyond mere notifications; it also identifies any related hacked data, providing a comprehensive view of potential security threats.

Importantly, this tool is developed with the utmost consideration for privacy guidelines, ensuring that users can safeguard their personal information with confidence. By offering Google One subscribers in India this powerful and proactive tool, Google is reinforcing its commitment to user data security and empowering them to take charge of their online safety.

Google Introduces Dark Web Report Feature for Google One Subscribers in India


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