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Google Aims to Extend Pixel Phone Lifespan with More Android OS Updates

To address the longstanding concern of comparatively shorter lifespans for Android updates on its Pixel smartphones, Google is gearing up to deliver more substantial Android OS updates with its forthcoming Pixel 8 and 8 Pro models. In the past, Pixel devices were entitled to three years of major Android OS updates, followed by an additional two years of security patches. However, Google is now setting its sights on a more ambitious objective.

The company seeks to align itself with the update longevity observed in Apple's iPhones, which can enjoy a remarkable span of up to eight years of updates. This strategic shift is part of Google's efforts to elevate the Android update landscape, enhancing the staying power of Pixel phones and fostering their competitiveness in terms of software support. While Google has signaled its intent to extend the update policy, finer details such as the exact number of years and update frequency are yet to be officially revealed. This development promises to be a significant step forward in bolstering the post-purchase support for Pixel device users.

Google Aims to Extend Pixel Phone Lifespan with More Android OS Updates

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