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Glitch Renders Historical Images and Links Inaccessible on X

Glitch Renders Historical Images and Links Inaccessible on X

Users of the social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, have encountered a glitch that is preventing them from accessing images and links posted between 2011 and 2014. This issue has affected notable viral content and historical internet moments from that time frame. The glitch also seems to impact shortened links. Several users, including one who noticed the problem in 2014 content and another in 2011-2014 images, have reported this inconsistency. Images and links from this period, including those posted by X, are still inaccessible for some users. The cause of this glitch is currently unclear, and X has not provided a public response.

These occurrences are taking place amid a period of heightened instability on the platform. There has been a surge in widespread outages since significant staff reductions were made by X's parent company. One of the notable outages in February was attributed to an employee accidentally deleting crucial data, compounded by the responsible team's departure from the company.

At this time, X has not issued an official statement regarding the recent glitch report.

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