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Apple is reportedly working on Watch X which will feature a different design

With the Apple Watch approaching its tenth anniversary, the tech giant is reportedly gearing up for a substantial transformation with the Apple Watch X. This departure from the incremental upgrades seen in previous models is expected to introduce several notable improvements. Among these anticipated enhancements is the introduction of a magnetic band attachment, replacing the current slide-in design. This change not only facilitates a more secure connection but also creates space for a larger battery, addressing a common concern for users.

Furthermore, the Apple Watch X is likely to feature a thinner watch case and a cutting-edge microLED display, promising superior image quality when compared to the current OLED screens. In terms of health monitoring capabilities, reports suggest the inclusion of a blood pressure sensor, significantly expanding the watch's functionality alongside the already-present heart rate monitor, sleep tracking, and blood oxygen detection.

While the Apple Watch X is poised to usher in a new era, it's not expected to hit the market for at least another year if the company adheres to its annual release schedule. If Apple decides to celebrate the full decade since the first Apple Watch's debut, consumers may need to wait an additional year. In the interim, the Apple Watch Series 9 is on the horizon, with a likely unveiling at an upcoming event this September. The Series 9 is set to bring notable improvements, including a faster processor and fresh color options, while retaining the same form factor as the Series 8, resulting in a somewhat limited overall upgrade.

Apple is reportedly working on Watch X which will feature a different design

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