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Twitter Implements Daily Limits on DMs to Combat Spam: Elon Musk's Ongoing Changes

Elon Musk's Twitter takeover in October 2022 marked a significant shift in the social media platform's direction and policies. Musk has introduced several changes and updates to Twitter since acquiring it for $44 billion. While some changes, like the introduction of new features such as encrypted messaging and calls, aim to enhance the platform's functionality and privacy, others, like the restrictions on daily tweet views for unverified accounts and now the limits on DMs, are focused on combating issues like data scraping and spam.

The restrictions on tweet views were described by Musk as a temporary measure to address the problem of data being scraped from Twitter, which was affecting the platform's service quality for regular users. By limiting the number of tweets that unverified accounts can view, Twitter aimed to deter data pilferage.

The latest announcement regarding DM limits for unverified accounts is part of Twitter's ongoing efforts to combat spam and improve user experience. By restricting the number of DMs unverified accounts can send, Twitter hopes to reduce unwanted or unsolicited messages that users may receive.

However, Musk's ownership of Twitter has not been without controversy. The company has experienced significant organizational changes, including mass layoffs and departures of top executives, since the acquisition. There have also been legal challenges, including lawsuits related to severance pay for former employees, allegations of gender and disability discrimination in layoffs, and disputes over promised bonuses for remaining staff.

Additionally, Twitter faced competition from Meta, the parent company of Facebook, which launched Threads, a text-focused app designed to rival Twitter. Threads gained rapid popularity, with tens of millions of sign-ups in a short time, prompting Twitter to respond with legal threats.

In summary, Twitter's evolving landscape under Elon Musk's ownership includes efforts to improve user experience, address data privacy concerns, and compete with emerging rivals while also navigating legal and organizational challenges.

Twitter Implements Daily Limits on DMs to Combat Spam: Elon Musk's Ongoing Changes

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