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Apple Introduces Rapid Security Response Updates to Tackle Exploits Swiftly

Apple has taken a proactive step in bolstering its device security with the introduction of "Rapid Security Response" updates. These updates are strategically designed to swiftly tackle security vulnerabilities that are either actively exploited or present significant risks to users. Positioned as an intermediary solution between regular software updates, the goal is to enhance the security of Apple's user devices at an accelerated pace. 

Notably, the feature comes pre-enabled by default, and in some instances, these rapid patches can be seamlessly installed without necessitating a system reboot.

However, it's worth noting that users running older versions of Apple's software won't benefit from these rapid security fixes. The specific details of what these updates address remain undisclosed, and there has been some initial feedback from users encountering installation challenges. 

Apple's move to implement Rapid Security Response updates is a direct response to recent exploits that have targeted iPhone users. These exploits, crafted by spyware developers like QuaDream and NSO Group, took advantage of undisclosed vulnerabilities in Apple's software, enabling government entities to clandestinely harvest data from compromised devices. 

The Citizen Lab previously reported that Apple's Lockdown Mode, introduced last year to counter such targeted attacks, successfully thwarted at least one NSO-developed exploit exploiting a vulnerability in Apple's HomeKit smart home feature.
Apple Introduces Rapid Security Response Updates to Tackle Exploits Swiftly

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