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Google Pixel Fold Review: Unfolding the Potential of Foldable Phones

The Google Pixel Fold represents the company's foray into the world of foldable smartphones, and it's clear that Google has put effort into the hardware design. The external design of the Pixel Fold is notably impressive, with a matte finish on the back glass, a separated camera bar, and a polished steel frame. However, despite the positive exterior design, there are significant issues with the device's inner display.

The inner display, while offering impressive specs on paper, is described as disappointing in practice. The screen quality is subpar, with complaints about the materials used making it feel cheap and reflective in direct sunlight. There are also concerns about the durability of the Pixel Fold, with reports of units showing issues shortly after launch, similar to the early days of Samsung's foldable devices.

In terms of software, the Pixel Fold runs into problems with app support for its unique form factor. Many third-party apps are not properly optimized for the device, leading to issues with how they are displayed on the screen. The Pixel Fold is described as a small tablet with the strengths and weaknesses of such a form factor, and while Google's first-party apps are well-optimized, third-party apps often do not make good use of the screen real estate.

The device's performance, powered by Google Tensor G2, is adequate, but concerns are raised about thermal performance, with reports of the device getting uncomfortably warm during use. The camera performance is generally good, with Google's signature post-processing style, although there are some issues noted with low-light photography and oversharpening in certain situations.

Overall, while the Google Pixel Fold offers promising exterior design and impressive first-party software, it faces challenges with its inner display, app support, thermal performance, and camera performance in specific scenarios. It appears to be a step into the foldable market for Google, but it may not yet offer a compelling experience to compete with established foldable devices.

Google Pixel Fold Review: Unfolding the Potential of Foldable Phones
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