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Xiaomi unveiled it's AR Glasses; Release Date, Price and more

Xiaomi the Chinese tech giant is known for innovation and so after years of research and development Xiaomi introduced their first ever AR Glasses which Xiaomi has teased a few times in the past years that are truly wireless and works best with the Xiaomi's Eco System. Although it's not a commercial product yet but still it is one of the best working prototype of AR Glasses in the market. 

We are witnessing the technology shift from hand to closer in front of the human eyes because of the rapidly growing industry of AR and VR technologies.

VR Headsets have been in the market since quite a long time but are not so popular due to lack of development and support. Apart from that, it's size is one of the cause too but when you term your product Glasses, you cant give customers headsets which are not easy to use and carry, so due to limitations of technology currently available it's impossible for a single company to start mass production in this fresh market yet. 

Xiaomi's AR Glasses are the next step towards the innovation in the AR Glasses market as seen in the commercial by the company, it showed how seamlessly the AR Glasses connects to the Xiaomi's Eco System and even offers control of every single connected Smart Devices like lamp. You can toggle on/off the lamp via visual switch that can by clicked by just waving hand towards it.
Everything will be controllable with Xiaomi's self developed 'Xiaomi AR Gesture Control'

As of today, Xiaomi is one of the few companies that willing to enter the AR Glasses market and this 'few companies' list won't complete without Apple. Instead of a fully workable prototype like Xiaomi we yet just confirmations about the Apple AR Glasses, not any actual product.

Xiaomi unveiled it's AR Glasses; Release Date, Price and more

As for the release date of Xiaomi AR Glasses, they are currently only available in China to buy and might be available Globally anytime soon.

To read more on AR Glasses stay tuned with us.
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