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OnePlus is reportedly working on building and expanding it's ecosystem

You might have already heard of ecosystem which is sort of seamless connection between different devices of the same brand and not all smartphone brands have one not even OnePlus until now. Major tech brands like Apple and Samsung already have their own ecosystem from a while and it's quite useful for the people who use different products from the same brand. 

OnePlus always had a reputation of making premium devices used by people worldwide but it didn't had it's ecosystem cause it was not even required for the company who's main focus was to provide customers quality until a few days ago when OnePlus introduced new devices into it's brand and now the company is working on creating it's ecosystem so that devices under OnePlus work seamlessly with each other without any hassle. 

If you own multiple OnePlus devices you will be now able to control and share data between you devices seamlessly just like Apple's ecosystem but to have a complete ecosystem a brand must provide all the devices in the market which OnePlus still does not provide at all.

OnePlus is reportedly working on building and expanding it's ecosystem

But the company has now moved it's focus on building it's ecosystem by introducing new devices into the brand and will soon provide all the common tech product major tech brands provide. OnePlus's ecosystem will be more functional as new devices enter the brand. 

It's clear for that until new devices enter OnePlus, the company is working on building a proper functional ecosystem for it's devices that are available for the consumers to buy. The devices will also work seamlessly as new versions of Android comes out for the devices.
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