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Microsoft will probably integrate ChatGPT into it's search engine 'bing'

After Google announced it's answer to ChatGPT, Microsoft confirmed the rumors about integration of ChatGPT into bing 'Microsoft's Search Engine' which will provide a tough competition to Google as bing controls second major share in the search result market after Google who has 90% from the total market.

This integration could help Microsoft's bing to compete with Google and it's new Chatbot. CEO of Google unveils on how 'it's new feature will work in day to day life' on a blog by him. He states that the company's new Chatbot feature is based on a light weight version of LaMDA.

Google already knew that sooner or later this integration will happen of ChatGPT into bing so they already started creation their own version of ChatGPT named 'Bard'. This time Microsoft has a chance to compete with Google with the help of ChatGPT's integration into bing. This deal is more likely to benefit both OpenAI and Microsoft in long term.

Moreover we still don't know how these integration of Chatbot's into search engine will result but sooner Google will face tough competition in the market as more new players join the game to show their presence.

Microsoft will probably integrate ChatGPT into it's search engine 'bing'
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