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Get the latest S23 series Static, Dex and Live Wallpapers for your device

After every release of the new phone it brings new wallpapers with it. Some pleasing to the user and some likely to not be pleasing, depending upon the user. So here are the new wallpapers of S23 Ultra from Samsung. S23 series comes with new set of wallpapers categorized on 3 different bases;
Static, Dex and Live Wallpapers. Where the Static and Dex are just basic set of images differentiating in the resolution and format. 

Whereas on the other hand the Live wallpapers as from the name are set of video/gif format backgrounds that provide different sort of animations based on the input from the user. The point should be kept in mind that manually applying the Live Wallpapers will not provide same functionality as the one's that are built in.

The wallpapers of S23 series are categorized in three types:

Static Wallpapers/Dex Mode Wallpapers and Live Wallpapers

Get the latest S23 series Static, Dex and Live Wallpapers for your device

Static Wallpapers

Static wallpapers are normal rather than moving pixels or videos in background.

Dex Mode Wallpapers

Dex Mode wallpapers are same as static but are large in dimensions as they are designed for Samsung Desktop Mode.

Live Wallpapers

Live Wallpapers are constantly live in the background rather than being static like normal images and hence consume more power but they make home screen feel more alive.

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