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Android 14 is expected to be soon launched in the upcoming months; Expected features and more

Android 14 is expected to be soon launched in the upcoming months, The Android 14 is currently in Developer Preview. The code name for the Android 14 is no different from android's previous versions as they call it Upside Down Cake, Yeah you read that right it's the official name for the next update of android but there's a lot more new features behind the name.

Here are the new features to expect from the upcoming Android 14 update
(The features listed below are seen in the developer preview build of Android 14 for Pixel Devices)

Better Power Management and Optimization
The Android 14 brings new power management features as now the Battery Saver has now two options to choose from 'Normal Battery Saver' and 'Extreme Battery Features', The Android OS is now more optimized and battery efficient.

The Android 14 will allow third party developers to optimize their apps and consume less power while running in background or downloading any files.

Cloned Apps
After the new update of Android 14 you will now able to use Cloned Apps feature without the requirement of any third party application as this feature will now come built in with Android 14.

More Bigger Fonts
The Android 14 will now support font scaling up to 200% with both standard and non linear scaling, maybe this feature will not help you out but will help many people who have difficulty reading the text through their smartphones.

Android 14 is expected to be soon launched in the upcoming months; Expected features and more

When Will Android 14 release?
When will Android 14 release or What is the release date of Android 14, while we still don't know the official release date of Android 14, what we know is currently the Android 14 is under the developer preview build and is expected to release in August.
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